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CodeLifter 5
source viewer

ScrollBar Styler
color scrollbars

Flash Fixer
remove alerts

Roll-Over Maker
image roll-overs

Link Cloaker 5
encrypt links

Site Capture 3
hidden frames

CHMOD 2 Utility
chmod utility

BlackBird 3.0
browser shell

Zoom 1.0
text scroller
java applets
java applets

protect email
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Free Cut-and-Paste JavaScript
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Be sure to visit the new Tips and Tricks section -- with notes and scriptlets essential for every webmaster's toolbox!

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BlackBird 3.0 Browser Shell
Distribute your own presentations with this great, new kit.
NewsMaker Text Scroller Applet *New* - Cool Applet From
Slick, smooth, scroller applet that reads its items and links from a text file.  Comes with free software message tool.  Supports background images and sound.  Text auto-wrapping, justification, automatic headlining, and more... Free Version Available Go there... click here
Get the Code! - Source Code Viewer
Free download

With CodeLifter -- the ultimate
tool for viewing page code, even
on no-right-click protected pages,
referrer pages, and more.
JavaScript Tips & Tricks *New*

Basic tips and tricks, with code samples, on frequently asked JavaScript questions, like window sizing and positioning, window focus control, calling multiple functions from event handlers, watermarking background images, etc.

Colored & Blinking Scrollbars

Make colored, flat-style, and
blinking scrollbars... striking
effects that definitely get
Free download.
Link Cloaker 5.0
Brandy Dandy *NEW*

Great tool for protecting your
links from prying eyes; also
does those nifty mouse roll-overs
so the link can't be seen in the browser status bar.
PopUp Maker
Free download

You say you hate tinkering
with popup windows?  We do
too... so we built a tool to
generate the code for you.
Download and try
the demo here.
Windows XP Tips

A new section we'll be bringing along, with tips and tricks for Wiindows XP users.


News Tickers,
much more!
Free Applets!

News Ticker & Software

Visit our new
site -- cool new in-page news
ticker/scroller... software included.  Free version, too!

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